Studio 360 Challenge

A Symbol for the Modern South

How do you visually represent the modern South? That was the question set forth to us by Studio 360 for their Redesigns series. The task: Create a visual identity for the South that isn’t attached to the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag. The goal wasn’t a replacement for the Confederate flag; it was a new symbol that could appropriately represent the South as it stands today.

See the results below, and listen to the radio show to hear how we arrived at our conclusions.



The Modern Rebel

The word "rebel" reflects a spirit that challenges convention.

As part of the rollout of the new visual identity for the South, we envision a campaign that challenges the stereotype of the Southern rebel by highlighting the achievements of individual Southern innovators.


Rosa Parks

Leading Civil Rights Activist | Alabama

Janis Joplin

Musical Trailblazer | Texas

Helen Keller

Author, Activist | Alabama

Jesse Owens

Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist | Alabama

Edward Higgins White

First American Spacewalker | Texas


Download the full presentation we created for Studio 360 to see how this symbol was made and how we envision its use.

Download the Presentation

Want to show your support for the modern South? Download artwork and move this symbol from your screen to the real world.

Download the Artwork

We admire the Rebels depicted, and we don’t want to use their images for profit. Likewise, none of the Rebels shown endorse this logo. Rather, we hope these images will remind you of their rebellious spirit and inspire you to join their ranks.